• Dragons Love Tacos

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Dragons Love Tacos




  • A funny & super engaging books kids will love
  • Discover why dragons love tacos
  • Includes funny illustrations of dragons
  • Featured book lists: New York Times Bestsellers
Apparently, dragons are huge fans of tacos. What kind of tacos? All kinds. What they love even more is a taco party. This funky picture book is a guide how to give the best taco parties for dragons. The most important thing to remember is that spicy salsa has a funny effect on dragons, it's important to keep it out of their tacos. But where there are tacos, there is salsa.....With hilarious, wry watercolor, colored pencil, and gouache illustrations.
Make storytime with the kids a lot more fun & engaging with Dragons Love Tacos (Hardcover) by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri. A colorful read that includes colorful pictures that kids absolutely love. The story outlines a red dragon who absolutely loves to eat tacos; from chicken tacos to beef tacos, they could be big tacos or even small ones! Dragons absolutely loves heaps of tacos, but watch out for that spicy salsa! You do not want the dragon eating some spicy salsa by mistake because we are all in red-hot trouble if the dragon does!

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